The BDJ's Advent Calendar 2014

During December 2014 the BDJ posted pictures on its Twitter feed ( @The_BDJ ) representing images behind windows in an advent calendar. Because I thought these were rather dull and in no way festive, I decided to modify them and post my version on my Twitter feed ( @DrMikeBDS ) - and here's the result.

Below are the images from the BDJ - click on each one to see the modified version - then use the 'back' arrow on your browser to return to this page.

This was the first of the BDJ's advent pictures they put up - and I just thought I'd add a bit of holly

The second day was a child's drawing and basically I did the same -

By day 3 it was getting rather morbid and definitely nothing to do with Xmas - so I decided I'd start to take things further

Took me a while to think up something for day 4

Just when I was thinking it couldn't get any more dull - it did

- and what day 6 was supposed to have to do with advent was anybody's guess

Day 7 was supposed to be a dentist about to surprise his patient by hiding a dental key behind his back ( obviously informed consent was not thought necessary then )

Day 8 was a challenge - this was supposed to be one of St. Apolline's teeth

Day 9

How anyone could consider day 10 was an image you'd expect to see behind on opening an advent window?

- and day 11 just needed this

By day 12 we were back to being a bit morbid

Day 13 needed a bit of thought

Day 14 we were back to the x-rays

Day 15

day 16 - back to the festive bones

- and day 17 just had to be Santa's little helpers

Day 18 was the view from someone's surgery window - so that's what I made it

How could you get more boring than day 19 - a row of ortho models

Couldn't really work out what day 20 was all about

Day 21

Day 22 - just had to get the 3 wise men in somewhere

Rather bafflingly day 23 was a piece of dried banana that was supposed to look like a tooth

Day 24 - and the BDJ actually put up a festive one! -

- and as I didn't need to do anything to it, I put up one of my own.

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